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Chao Yang
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Chao Yang

Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Supervisor of Master's Candidates

School of Computer Science and Information Engineering

Cell-Phone Number: 15342771565



Dr. Chao Yang is an assistant professor in the School of Computer Science and Information Engineering at Hubei University. His research interests include information security and artificial immune system. He has authored over 20 papers in international conferences and journals and obtained 3 items of national invention patents and software copyrights. He has undertaken many projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National 863 project, the Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province, and the National Network Information Office, with a total of more than 1 million RMB in funds.

Education Background

Doctor’s Degree Wuhan University

Master’s Degree Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Bachelor’s Degree Huazhong University of Science and Technology


Current Projects

1. 2018.01-2018.12, Research on Detecting Model of Abnormal Behavior of Social Network Users Based on Computer Immune Method, Hubei Key Laboratory Open Fund for Intelligent Information Processing and Real-time Industrial Systems, Project manager

2. 2016.06-now, COFCO Sugar Liaoning Co., Ltd. "Internet +" Intelligent Manufacturing Management Platform, COFCO Sugar Liaoning Co., Ltd.,Front leader / Main participants

3. 2016.01-2018.9, "Introduction to Information Security" Fine Open Online Course, Hubei University, Project manager

Completed Projects

1. 2015.01-2016.12, Research on Abnormal Behavior of Network Community Based on the Immune Danger Theory, Hubei Provincial Department of Education Youth Talents Project, Project manager

2. 2015.03-2016.10, **** Statistical Analysis System, National Internet Information Office, Project manager

3. 2014.01-2015.12, Research of Computer Trusted Analysis Model Based on Computer Immunity, Hubei Natural Science Foundation Youth Project, Project manager

4. 2013.11-2014.11, Research on Immunity Method of Software Trustworthiness Assessment, Hubei University Youth Fund, Project manager

5. 2012.01-2015.12, Computer Perception of Danger and Its Application in Computer Immunology Methods, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Main participants

6. 2010.09-2012.09, Spacecraft real-time fault prediction and health management system based on computer immune danger theory, Wuhan University’s national defense independent research project, Main participants

7. 2009.07-2011.10,**** Research of Immune Defense and Blood Confidence Mechanism(The full name of the project cannot be listed for reasons of confidentiality), National Defense Foundation Project, Main participants


1. Chao Yang, Tingdong Qin, Bo Fan, Tao Li. Study on Detection of Weibo Spammers Based on Danger Theory in Artificial Immunity System, Computer Science, 2018. Accepted.

2. Chao Yang, Yan Zhang, Tingdong Qin. Research and Application of Immune Homeostasis Mechanism in Danger Theory, Computer Measurement and Control, Vol.24, No.7, pp.294-297, 2016.

3. Chao Yang, Tao Li. Research of Danger Signal Extraction based on Changes in Danger Theory, Computer Science, Vol.42, No.8, pp.170-174, 2015.

4. Chao Yang, Ziyi Li. Spam Mass Sending Examination based on Dendritic Cell Algorithm, Transducer and Microsystem Technologies, Vol.34, No.10, pp.133-140, 2015.

5. Chao Yang, Yiwen Liang, Aolin Liu. The Danger Sensed Method by Feature Changes, Energy Procedia, 13 (2011) pp.4429–4437.

6. Chao Yang, Yiwen Liang, Lin Lu, Hongbin Dong, Daihua Yang. Research of Danger Theory Based on Balancing Mechanism, IJACT: International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology, Vol. 4, No.2, pp.1- 6, 2012.

7. Chao Yang, Yiwen Liang, Lin Lu. Research of Danger Sensed Method based on Description of Resource Relationships, In Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Electric Information and Control Engineering (ICEICE 2012), Vol.2, pp.1469-1472, 2012.

8. Feng Wang, Chao Yang*. An Approach for Setting Access Control Rule based on Multi-Party Collaborative in Online Social Networks. Third International Conference on Information Science and Technology (ICIST) 2013.

9. Lin Lu, Yiwen Liang, Chao Yang, Shiwei Song. Detecting faults in IP-PBX with deterministic dendritic cell algorithm, AISS: Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences, Vol.3, No.11, pp.457-465, December, 2011.

10. Lin Lu, Hongbin Dong, Chao Yang, Daihua Yang. A Novel Mass Data Processing Framework based on Hadoop for Electrical Power Monitoring System. 2012 Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference.

11. Lin Lu, Yiwen Liang, He Yang, Chao Yang. Danger Theory: A New Approach in Big Data Analysis. International Conference on Automatic Control and Artificial Intelligence (ACAI2012), Vol. 3, pp. 1894-1897, 2012.

12. Feng Wang, Hongbin Dong, Yiwen Liang, Chao Yang. An Access Control Policy Based on Users’ Relationship and Resource’s Content in Online Social Networks. International Journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications, Vol.6, No.19, pp. 322-329, 2012.

13. Feng Wang, Hongbin Dong, Chao Yang, Kefu Gao, Yiwen Liang. An Approach for Protecting Users’ Relationships in the Process of Identifying Requestor’s Right of Access in Online Social Networks. International Journal on Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences(AISS) (ISSN: 1976-3700) 2012.

Patents and Copyrights

1. Danger Perception Method and System based on Artificial Immune System, 2018.8.8, Chinese invention patent, No: ZL 2010 1 0251214.8

2. Interactive Authentication System based on Mobile Terminal V1.0, 2016.01.28, Software Copyright, No: 2016SR021140

3. Transport Vehicle Queue Guidance System in Refined Sugar Industry V1.0, 2017.10.16, Software Copyright, No: 2017SR569773


1. Certified Information Security Professional (CISP). Certificate Authority: China Information Technology Security Evaluation Center, 2016.07

2. National Information Security Test Program (NISP) Trainer. Certificate Authority: China Information Technology Security Evaluation Center, 2014.11

3. Senior Network Security Engineer. Certificate Authority: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 2014.06

Address: Youyi Road, 368#, Wuhan, Hubei Province, 430062, P.R. China Phone: +86-27 88661729

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