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Zhangfan Zeng
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Dr. Zhangfan Zeng is currently associate professor in Hubei University, subjecting in communication engineering and digital signal processing. Before joining Hubei University, he had 10 years oversea experience in the area of wireless communication theory, signal processing and hardware designing, both from academic level and commercial perspective. He has served 3 international companies and entitled 20 leading papers.


Tel: 13407188311


2002-2006Bsc.Electronic Information EngineeringWuhan University

2006-2007Msc.Communication EngineeringThe University of Manchester

2009-2013 Ph.DCommunication EngineeringThe University of Birmingham

Industrial Experience

2008-2009Nortel Network (China)PHY Algorithm Engineer

2013-2014NextG-Com (UK)Protocol Stack Software Engineer

2015Cobham Wireless (UK)Sr. Solution Engineer

2016-NowHubei University Asso. Prof. in Communication Eng. and DSP


Second yearMCU Principle and Practice/Experiment

Third yearDSP Principle and Practice

Third YearSOPC Principle and Practice

Fourth YearWireless Communication

PostgradStochastic Process


Internet of Things (IOT) transmission layer link level performance evaluation

IOT security

2G/3G/4G cellular communication protocol stack and signal flow

4 G LTE PHY performance evaluations

Radar system design

Radar digital signal processing

Numerical analysis


1. Digital Elevation Model Generation Technology of GNSS based Interferometric Bistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar, NNSFC (China), 2017-2019, 19RMB, Principle Investigator,2017-2019

2. Infrastructure Monitoring Using Passive Remote ImageryEPSRC (UK),2010-2013, 45GBP, Participant,2010-2013

3. Bistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar of Opportunity,Ministry of Defense (UK), 2008-2011, 500GBP, Participant

Reviewed Papers

IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing (SCI, IF: 3.4)

IET Radar Sonar and Navigation (SCI, IF: 1.3)

IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Obs. and Remote Sensing (SCI, IF: 2.8)


1. Zhangfan Zeng, “Generic signal synchronization algorithm for passive global navigation satellite system-based synthetic aperture radar”, IET Proceedings on Radar Sonar and Navigation, vol. 9, pp. 364-373, 2015 (SCI)

2. M. Antoniou, Zhangfan Zeng*, F. Liu, M. Cherniakov, “Experimental demonstration of passive BSAR imaging using navigation satellites and a fixed receiver”, IEEE Geo-science and Remote Sensing Letters, vol. 9, pp. 477-481 2012. (SCI)

3. Zhangfan Zeng, “SS-BSAR with GNSS and a stationary receiver: experimental results,” Progress in Electromagnetic Research B. vol. 48, pp. 271-287,2013 (EI)

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12. M. Antoniou, F. Liu, Zhangfan Zeng, M. Cherniakov, “Coherent change detection using GNSS-based passive SAR: first experimental results,” IET Conference on radar system, vol. 1-5, 2012,(EI)

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