Associate Professor
Peng He
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Name: Peng He

Degree: Ph.D (Wuhan University)

Office: Room 507, school of computer science and information engineering

Phone: 15623729083

Research Interests:

l Software measure

l Cross-project (or within-project) defect prediction

l Complex network

l Service recommendation

l Social network analysis


l 2018-2019 CCF YOCSEF Wuhan cochairman

l Reviewer: Journal of Computer Science and Technology, Chinese Journal of computers, Journal of Computer Application, Information and Software Technology, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering et al.

Teaching Courses:

l 《Programming in Java》

l 《Computer virus research and defense》

l 《Introduction to computer science》

l 《Programming in PHP》


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Honors & Awards:

Address: Youyi Road, 368#, Wuhan, Hubei Province, 430062, P.R. China Phone: +86-27 88661729

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